Die & Machine Technologies Inc.

We specialize in mechanical engineering design for industry machinery. Other related services offered are engineering analysis, stress calculations, technical risk assessment, and project management. Project management function covers research, design, prototype, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Die & Machine Technologies Inc. utilizes strict engineering methodology to ensure that our design is suited to its purpose and meet customer requirements. Our design process results in an efficient, reliable product, based on collaboration with our clients to conceptualize, evaluate, develop, and implement solutions. We can adapt to your design processes and engineering standards. We have solid modeling design capabilities.


Automated assembly lines for automotive parts.
Foreign mater enclave for nuclear vessels.
Fuel channel drive, calibration, and tooling systems for nuclear stations.
Material handling equipment.
Rolling steel mill equipment.
Steel and lumber strapping machines.
Naval helicopter restraining, securing, and traversing equipment.
Traction bed for medical use.
Conveyors and mixers for agriculture industry.


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